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Monday, September 8, 2008

Victorian Fan Ornament

MATERIALS (for one)
12" of 6" wide MW WHITNEY, MW FLEURA, or like Offray ribbons, mauve or burgandy
18" of DAYDREAM, #9 Gold
18" of KASHMIR, #40 Antique or Gold
1 1/2 yds. of FIREFLY, #1H Gold
24" of LATTICE, #1 Gold
12" of DAINTY M, Gold
Small amounts of Spanish Moss
Dried Filler of Statice or Gypsophilia
Mini Pinecones and Gold Berries
Hot Glue Gun and Wire


1. Make 1/2" wide accordian pleats along 6" width of MW WHITNEY ribbon. Wire one end securely and open fan up.

2. Cut DAYDREAM into two 9" pieces and notch both ends. Wire each together about 2" down from top and slightly staggered. Hot glue to base of fan so that streamers hang off fan end at an angle. (see figure A)

3. Cut FIREFLY into three 18" lenghts. Form a 2" loop at the top of each strip and wire all three together. Hot glue loops over ribbon at base of fan, leaving streamers free. Fold LATTICE in half and wire down 2" forming a loop; hot glue into place, leaving streamers free. Hot glue a tiny amount of spanish moss over wired areas to cover.

4. Make a Merrowed Ribbon Rose from 18" length of KASHMIR: Tie a knot at one end and poke out the wires from the opposite end. Fold KASHMIR in half lengthwise while pulling the wires to gather the ribbon down to the knot. (see figure B) Form rose by spiraling gathered ribbon around knot and wrap wire ends to secure. Cut off wire ends and hot glue to fan.

5. Fill in around Ribbon Rose as desired with mini pinecones, gold berries and dried filler. Make a hanger loop from DAINTY M and hot glue to back of fan.

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