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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Easy Fold Origami Box

1. Now that I had my paper made, I decided to create a little box that I learned the steps for when I was a child. I used to make them out of pages ripped from magazines or wrapping paper. Now I have a little more sophistication in the choice of my materials, but the pattern is still the same! For this particular size box, start with your cardstock cut to 8 1/2" square. Draw a line with a ruler in pencil from corner to corner, forming an "X".

2. Using a bone folder, fold one corner to the center point of the "X".

3. Fold the edge of your previous fold so it meets the center pencil line.

4. Unfold your previous folds. You are left with a set of horizontal creases.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the remaining three corners. When completed you will have a series of creases that form a grid.

6. You will make four cuts with scissors. Pick two opposing corners. Create a tab that is 2 blocks wide and two blocks high (not including the "point") by make one snip on either side of your determined crease grid. Repeat the same snips on the opposing corner.

7. Fold the opposing corners that have not been altered to the center point of your "X".

8. Fold them in half again, creating the first two "sides" of your box.

9. Fold the ends of the sides inward, forming the base of the remaining two sides.

10. Fold the tabs created in step 6 over the side bases created in step 9. The point of the step 6 tabs will meat at the center of the "X"

11. Now you have completed your box lid! Lined and everything, without any extra effort!!!

12. For the bottom, just repeat all of the above steps, except your beginning cardstock should measure 8-3/8" square.

The fun thing about these boxes is that you can make them any size, it just depends on the beginning measurements of your cardstock square. (Always make your box bottom cardstock square about 1/8" smaller than the one used in creating your lid, depending on the thickness of the cardstock.) For the itty bitty one shown here, I started out with a 3-3/4" square for the lid and 3-5/8" square for the bottom. There are lots of things you can DO with the boxes as well. You could make a set of nesting boxes. You can tie them with ribbon or add tags. You could make box bands, like the one I showed yesterday on the card box. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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