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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Criss-Cross Box

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I started by marking my cardstock with pencil in 1.75" increments.

I then took the small stitched square from Borders & Corners Square and turned it at an angle. By lining up the top and bottom points of the square, one point touching another point, all the way down the pencil lines, I ended up with a beautiful plaid. Super easy (and somewhat therapeutic too!)

I knew I wanted to add a little more detail, so I used the large triple solid border with rust ink to outline a few of the stitched squares. I love the contrast it created! I then erased all my pencil marks.

I created this paper to be used for a special box I designed, inspired by my friend Mish and her Criss-Cross Cards. It is a super easy box to make, and it requires only one sheet of cardstock. This is what your 8.5x11 sheet will look like after you have completed your scoring and trimming. I have created a template for you to download so you can create your very own Criss-Cross Boxes! Here is a template for my Criss-Cross Box!
Cross Boxes! Here is a template for my Criss-Cross Box!
Download crisscross_box_template.pdf

To begin assembling, you adhere the small side tabs to the long side tabs.

Then you can flip the whole front portion back.

For your third step, you want to adhere the remaining sides to the first side tabs.

Finally, you just need to adhere your criss-cross tabs in place. First the right.

And then the left. Viola! An easy Criss-Cross Box!

The box needed a little something, so I decided to create a band for it. Out came one of our upcoming new releases, a very un-traditional Valentine's Day set! And what could be more unique than heart shaped acorns and the sentiment "Nuts for you", (courtesy of "askagain" of SCS, winner #1 for our Punny Valentine contest! I will be announcing the rest throughout the week. The winners each receive a PT gift certificate!) I love, LOVE, love the font for this particular set. It translates so well into a stamp and has such a nice crispness to it.

I added a scalloped edge to the band and adhered it to my box.

Now that I had a box, I needed something to put inside of it. What could be more appropriate than nuts? I found that these clear bags were the perfect fit for this particular box. I used the SU! tab punch as a fun closure for the bag, attaching it in place securely with a staple.

On the front of the bag I added a little tag featuring one of the stars of the show for our new set, a perfectly perfect, modernized squirrel. Isn't he the cutest! I just love the little guy!

Here are both elements side-by-side. This would be such a cute project for the boys/men in your life for Valentine's Day! It isn't too girly or frilly, making it the perfect match! You could even include chocolate covered nuts for a sweeter approach!

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