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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All About Roses


Each rose requires some flexible floral wire, a pair a of
scissors, and ribbon yardage as outlined below:
#3 (5/8)....1/2 yard
#9 (1-1/2")....1 yard
#5 (7/8)....3/4 yard
#40 (2-3/4")....1-1/2 yards

1. Fold ribbon as shown, leaving a 2" tall. Next step will begin at outside point indicated by arrow.

2. Roll outside point tightly towards fold area (about 3 to 4 complete turns) to form a center "bud" and a tight base area. This area, indicated by an arrow, will be the base for the rose.

3. Now you are ready to begin the fold and roll motion: Holding tail firmly in the left hand, fold ribbon length to outside at a sharp right angle. Roll base area along folded edge until it is almost at the fold. As you near the end of the fold, fold the ribbon to the outside again at a right angle. Repeat this fold and roll process to form rose "petals" that will form loosely around the bud and base. A gentle twist on the rolled tail will softly shape and tighten the rose.

4. When you have about 2" of ribbon left, then twist the ends straight down and along the first tail. Secure with florist wire tightly at the base.

5. Cut a 6": strip of #16 ribbon (1-7/8"). Make a point along one edge by folding ends diagonally towards center, as shown. This point will become the tip of the leaf.

6. Place your thumb over the point of folded layers and twist bottom edges of ends tightly to form a cup or leaf like shape: spot hot glue if necessary.

Make a stem rose: Place a firm wire against the ribbon tails. Wrap the base tightly with Stem Tape continuing down the length of the stem. If desired, add in few silk leaves to create fullness

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