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Friday, September 19, 2008

Scalloped Oval Mini Purse

1. Punch the scalloped oval out of patterned paper. Flip it over and score on either side of the center scallops.

2. Cut a length of ribbon and adhere one end to the "bottom" of your purse with a glue dot. Loop the ribbon up the side to form your first handle. Pierce holes near the top of each side of the handle and attach brads. Repeat the handle process on the opposing side. Glue dot the remaining end of your ribbon to the bottom as well.

3. Punch a second scalloped oval from a coordinating patterned paper. Repeat the same scoring process done in step one.

4. Adhere the second oval inside the purse to line it and cover up the backs of your brads. I inserted an individually wrapped strawberry lifesaver.

This purse could also hold a Starburst candy, a couple quarters or a tightly folded dollar bill for a child's birthday, or even an accordion folded set of index print size photos. As I always say, the possibilities are endless!

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