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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crepe Paper Creations

Crepe paper is one of my favorite materials. It's actually tissue paper that has been reinforced with sizing and "creped," a crinkling method that yields a medium that is incredibly pliable yet sturdy enough to iron and sew. Beautiful and durable, it lends itself to countless applications. In fact, I walked down the aisle with a bouquet of crepe paper blooms! I recently realized how nicely a strip of crepe paper conforms to an egg's shape. Glue bands of it to a bunch of eggs, affix tiny crepe blooms, and pile them in a bowl for a simple, elegant display. You also can use the paper to create lifelike flowers with egg centers. Or add crepe ears to an egg and watch it turn into a bunny. Even leftover egg cartons can become winsome baskets trimmed with pleated crepe skirts. Start with plain or dyed blown-out eggs, and then choose from the sweet embellishments provided here. Soon you and your young friends will be turning out colorful crafts by the dozen.

Candy Baskets How-To
Place treat containers on end tables or arrange them on a tiered cake stand to create a centerpiece.

1. Cut off one-third of a Styrofoam egg carton with scissors. Trim around top edge to neaten.
2. With pinking shears, trim 1 inch off short side of a folded sheet of crepe paper. Apply a line of glue to outside of carton, just below rim. Adhere uncut edge of paper to glue, using your fingers to push paper into pleats.
3. To make the handle: Cut a 13-inch piece of fabric-covered floral wire. Use wire to poke holes on both sides of carton. Bend wire, and insert ends into holes; fold ends up to secure. Fill basket with candy, such as dragees and chocolate eggs.

Striped Eggs How-To
Combine various techniques -- bands, leaf garlands, and flowers -- to dress up plain and dyed eggs.

1. To make stripes: Cut strips from a folded sheet of crepe paper with pinking shears. Apply glue to each end of strip; adhere to egg.
2. To make a garland: Cut 18 leaves for each egg from crepe paper. Glue bottom tip of each leaf to egg, overlapping slightly.
3. To make a flower: Cut a 1 3/4-inch circle from crepe paper. Fold in half, and then fold in half again. Pinch pointy end; insert a finger among paper layers and spread them to look like a flower. Fold pointy end, and glue it to underside of flower; let dry. Cut out 2 leaves. Glue flower and leaves to egg.

Center of Attention
Exuberant egg-and-crepe paper daffodils and tulips are a breeze to make -- and you don't have to worry about the arrangement wilting. Place each flower in a small glass or vase, and set several on a cake stand for an attractive holiday centerpiece. Add a bloom to each place setting to unify the look.

Faux Flowers How-To
This how-to is for a daffodil. To create other flowers, omit the trumpet.

1. Using template as a guide, cut out 6 to 9 petals (in direction of grain) from a folded sheet or roll of crepe paper. Cut a 4-by-6-inch strip of paper in a darker color for trumpet. To make the stem: Cut fabric-covered floral wire to desired length.
2. Apply a line of glue around middle of egg, and adhere trumpet so that one-third of egg peeks above paper; let dry.
3. Insert wire into one of the holes used to blow out the egg; twist loose end of trumpet around wire. Apply a dot of glue to base of egg, and adhere petals. Adhere remaining petals by overlapping them; let dry.
4. Twist bottoms of petals around stem, and wrap with floral tape.

Chubby Bunnies How-To
These adorable table decorations can double as place cards; write names on one side of each egg with a marker.

1. Using template as a guide, cut 2 ears (in direction of grain) from a folded sheet of crepe paper. Fold back base of each ear, apply glue to underside, and adhere to egg. Draw eyes with a paint pen. To make a nose: Glue a pom-pom over one of the holes used to blow out the egg. To make a tail: Glue a larger pom-pom over the other hole.
2. Arrange a fringed strip of crepe paper "grass" in a mini muffin-cup liner; place bunny in liner.

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