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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rose-Wreathed Pillar Candle

Create a romantic ambience at your wedding with these enchanting, rose-encircled candles.

What You Need:
Floral-foam wreath form
Short-stemmed roses
Long pearl-head pins

1. The secret to suspending the wreath of roses on the candle is to use a floral-foam wreath form as the base for the floral arrangement.
2. Soak the wreath in water; then insert short-stemmed roses, beginning with larger blossoms and filling in the bare spots with rosebuds until the top and outer edges are covered.
3. Secure the wreath to the candle with long pearl-head pins. You will need to use a lot of pins around the top and bottom because the wreath will be quite heavy.
4. Fill in around the candle with more rosebuds if needed.

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