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Friday, September 5, 2008

Kissing Ball with Ribbon Roses

Create a lovely kissing ball with silk flower for a perfect bridal shower decoration or flower girl accessory.

STEP 1 :

What You Need:
Foam ball
10 inches of 1-inch wide-wired or unwired ribbon
Milliner's sharp size 10 needle
White quilting thread or beading thread
Household wire cutters

1. Cover a foam ball with moss.
2. Make folded roses with wired or unwired ribbon.
3. For the folded rose center, fold down the right end of the ribbon. 4. Fold this end across itself.
5. Roll the ribbon into a cylinder (forming the flower center) and secure with stitches.
6. Fold the ribbon down on the right end so that the cylinder is horizontal and a 45-degree angle is created at the fold.
7. Fold the flower center down.
8. Roll the cylinder until the ribbon on the left becomes straight again. Secure with stitches.
9. Repeat the folding and rolling steps until the rose is the desired size.
10. Stitch the raw edge into the base of the rose.

STEP 2 : Coiled Ribbon Roses

What You Need:
10-inch lengths of 1-inch-wide wired ribbon
Milliner's sharp size 10 needle
White quilting thread or beading thread
Household wire cutters
Pearl head pins

1. If the ribbon is wired, remove the wire at the bottom edge by gently pulling it out. Add a running stitch from the upper edge down and across the bottom.
2. For the ribbon center, refer to the instructions of making folded roses.
3. Gather the remaining length of ribbon and secure the gathering with stitches.
4. Coil the ribbon on itself until all the ribbon is coiled. Stitch the end of the ribbon into the base of the rose.

Note: After the roses are attached to the ball, hang and embellish with ribbons and pearl head pins.

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