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Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Long Lost Hobby

Yesterday my fiance brought me 5 flower pots.They are from his friend.Actually i've been always wanting a pot to grow something since from my old house.As my house is an apartment;it has no ground space to grow plants,so growing in a pot is the only choice i have.
Both my parents used to be a farmer.They grew paddy & vegetables.Until now,my mom grows a variety of vegetables around the house;chillies, tapioca, sweet potato,tumeric, ginger, 'lengkuas', lemon-grass, 'kacang botol', ladies finger,lime,etc.There are jackfruit, rambutan, mangosteen, mango, papaya, duku, langsat, coconut & durian trees around my house.
My mother always said my hand has a fertile-touch when growing things.I realized it when i grow a plant,it grows very well.I used to take part in 'bumi hijau' programme when i was in primary school.I grew ladies finger & my teacher always praised me bcoz' of the outcome.
Apart of veggie, i also grew flowers; 'misai kucing', 'puding', 'alamanda', ' setawar', 'melor', hibiscus, sunflower, lily, wild orchid, fern, etc.I really love to see them grow & flowerish.Everyday after school,i'll water & fertilize them.But it was my last effort as one day,after i came back from school,i saw all my plants were gone.After investigating, my neighbour's cow has eaten them.I was furious & from that day on,i stop growing plants.Only sometimes, i helped my mom watering the plants.
But now,as i've a lot of free times at home, i guess i can start again my hobby.Who knows,my hobby can turn into money?Hahaha...i guess it'll never happen but may be, at least i can save my budget by growing veggie like chillies, tumeric, ginger & pandan leaves, apart of flowers, as they 're only need a small space to grow.This time, i've my own space to grow them.May be i can put the flower pot at the balcony & the veggies at the ventilation area near the kitchen.May be i'm not a good gardener,but i still has those skills.Or may be i can refer from my mom;the most successful gardener in my family.

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