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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blossom Boxes

Spring Favors: How to Make the Blossom Boxes

These favors are made using just four different flower punches. Punch flowers from white card stock; trim the edges of the large blooms with mini pinking shears to resemble cherry blossoms. Stamp centers of the large and medium-size flowers. We had rubber stamps made with two designs; you could also draw in a design with fine markers. Attach two or three flowers to each box. Some are affixed flat on the box using adhesive dots; others are attached with adhesive foam disks so they're raised.
The flowers and birds on traditional wagashi are believed to bring happiness and good fortune to the recipient. Package wagashi no more than one day ahead, placing in a paper liner, then in the box. Mix and match -- put bird sweets in blossom boxes, for example.

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