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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Budget Hotel

Last time a friend of mine were asking about places to stay in my hometown, kt.She's coming for a holiday.Actually there are many places tourists can stay but it all depends on our budget.There are a few hotels in the heart of the town;hotel kt mutiara, hotel sri terengganu, hotel terengganu, hotel kenangan, hotel seri malaysia, hotel yen tin midtown, hotel seri hoover, hotel indah, hotel grand paradise, hotel seaview, hotel grand continental, hotel sri tanjung, etc.
I've been to a few of them,but as i said, it all depends on our budget.If our budget is 'big', i suggest grand continental hotel. It is very convenience, affordable & most of all, it is a well known hotel. I've stayed there once & i like it very much. The service & the food were very good & the accomodation was really nice. The hotel is near the beach. On that time, my room was towards the sea, so the view was fantastic especially at night.We can get all the info from this site;
There are another hotels near the beach; Primula Beach Resort & Batu Buruk Beach Resort. I've never been to both resort but from afar, primula seems quite dim & faded,may be bcoz' it is an old hotel.But don't be surprised bcoz' the room's rate is quite expensive.
But for those of u who are in a really tight budget & staying in hotel's room for the whole day is not ur agenda,i recommend hotel kt mutiara.The room rate is very reasonable with the accomodation;it's very clean, the room is very nice & tidy,the bathroom/toilet is clean,it's in the heart of the town,it's surrounded with banks, shopping centre/archide, shops, food stalls, restaurant, & bus station & taxi stand just a walking distance.The hospitality is very good.Last time, u can get a room at only rm50 per night.Most of the time,u can only walk in to get a room, so no booking is needed, except during school holidays.
There are another budget hotels nearby;hotel kenangan & sri hoover hotel.I've been there too but frankly speaking,i prefer kt mutiara.Hotel kenangan looks very old inside.The room condition is not quite satisfied.The toilet is ok but i guess first impression is important;the lift on that time was terrifying. U can feel the lift shaking when it's moving.On that time,they're servicing an air-cond unit outside my room & u can hear the banging & pounding.Very annoying.
I've been to seri hoover twice.Twice,i've been given a different room that's leaking everywhere, especially near the bathroom area.U can smell the unpleasent odour from the wet carpet.
& there is a budget hotel near tanjung bus station.It's very near to the kedai payang market & terengganu river estuary.I've been there once but sorry to say,it was my first & last.The room rate is very cheap but the room's condition is very bad.U can see a lot of holes on the wall,may be used for peeping.I was told that the hotel was used by teenagers to make love.The walls are made of board as a partition & it is not full partition.If u used a chair or ladder,u can peep people inside the room.Very scary hah.
I've been to indah hotel but i stayed there only for 15 mins bcoz' it was not as indah (beautiful) as its name.I checked out as soon as possible after seeing its condition.Sorry to say,it was like a lodging house for immoral activities.The bed was very bad;steel bed.The mattress was really thin & flattened.The curtains were dirty & old.The bathroom was very dirty & disgusting & on that time, the toilet flash was not functioning.There is no hot water shower.The bed sheet was soooo worn out.The towels were soo thin & small.There was no lift.U have to use a narrow stairs to go up & down.
So i guess,for a tight budget people like me,i definitely chose hotel kt mutiara.It is affordable & very near to a lot of accomodation & amnesity.But if i've an extra money,i'll go to grand continental;it has its own class.

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