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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dragee Favors

Sewn, Stamped, and Tied

Guests can't resist tearing into these charming parcels. Yellow packaging, at left: Put dragees into 3 3/4-by-5-inch clear plastic bag; cut 5-inch square decorative paper; fold in half, and scallop ends; slip onto bag top, sew closed, and trim sides.

Blue packaging, at left: Stack one 5 1/2-by-6 1/2-inch sheet each cellophane and decorative paper; sew three sides, add dragees, and sew closed; scallop edges. Tie on 26-inch ribbon; trim excess, and glue to secure.

Dark-green packaging, at left and below: Cut two 4-inch strips organdy paper and one 4-inch strip netting; sew together; add almonds; roll, tie ends with twine; wrap with calligraphed vellum band; tape in back.

Light-green packaging, at top and below: Print wedding date and icon on 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheet of vellum -- each sheet fits two; cut apart, fold each in half, and sew on three sides; cut off fold, insert dragees, and sew closed.

Pretty Packages

At traditional Greek weddings, dragees (or koufeta, as the Greeks call them) are handed out in odd-numbered amounts. The indivisibility of the numbers shows the newlyweds will be partners for life. For a chic sweet, fill 3 1/2-inch boxes with an odd number of different dragees.

For the lining, photocopy the template (linked, below) at 250 percent, and cut a sheet of vellum to the same size. Lay the vellum over template, and crease at dotted lines with bone folder. Fold inward at a, b, d, e, g, and h, then outward at c and f. Insert vellum in box; add dragees. Fold flaps over top of candies, and close box. Tie with coordinating raffia ribbon. To finish, adorn the ribbon with a decorative clasp.

Dragee Box Template ;

Winged Pouches

Paper birds keep watch over colorful chocolates. To create, use scissors to carefully cut tulle, which comes by the yard, into 8-inch squares. Deposit several dragees onto each one. Gather up the tulle around the candy, and secure each pouch with twine. Place a die-cut bird on top, knotting the twine around the bird's leg to anchor it. Set the pouches out on trays for guests to take home.

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