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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pink & Poppy : Crepe-Paper

Making Crepe-Paper Flowers
Use crepe-paper streamers to create the blooms. If making a garland, stop at step 5, and tie flowers to lengths of thin silk ribbon.
1. Cut streamer to about 35 inches long.
2. Fold end in about 1/2 inch; pinch at base. Wrap about 1 inch of streamer around center, and fold back, pinching at base.
3. Fold forward again and repeat, working around flower until you're left with about a 3-inch-long tail.
4. Fold tail in half lengthwise.
5. Wrap tail tightly around base; pinch.
6. Tie wide ribbon around takeout box; knot at top. Thread another piece of ribbon beneath ribbon on box. Lay flower on top; tie a bow around its base.
7. Neaten bow, and fluff flower.

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