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Monday, August 25, 2008

Easter Basket

67 Yards 5 or 6 mm cord that can be brushed
1 1-1/2" ring
1 4" ring
1 7" ring
1 8" ring
1 9" ring
36 20mm beads
1 wire coat hanger
1 piece of cardboard approximately 8" square

12 cords 2 yards long
6 cords 1-2/3 yards long
18 cords 1-1/2 yards long
1 cord 5-1/2 yards long
Using the inside of the 7" ring, trace a circle on the cardboard and cut out circle.

Fold the twelve 2 yard cords in half and Larkshead (LH) onto the 1-1/2" ring. Pull the cords straight out and Double Half Hitch (DHH) all cords to the 4" ring. Be sure to pull cords as tightly as possible.
Separate cords into groups of four. Add one of the six 1-2/3 yard cords with a Reverse Larkshead between each group of four cords already on the 4" ring.
Pull all cords straight out and DHH onto the 7" ring, pulling as tight as possible. Separate into groups of two. Add one of the eighteen 1-1/2 yard cords to the 7" ring between each group of two cords with a Reverse Larkshead.
Tie a row of Square Knots (SK) around the ring with all cords, using four cords per knot. The rest of this pattern will now be worked down from the 7" ring. Turn the ring upside down and bend the first row of SK's down. Tie a row of Alternating Square Knots (ASK) around the ring.
Alternate cords and thread a bead onto the two filler cords. Tie a SK below the bead. Repeat around ring adding a total of 18 beads in this row. Tie a row of ASK.
DHH all cords onto the 8" ring. Tie two rows of ASK. Repeat Step 5. DHH all cords onto the 9" ring. Cut cords to 1-1/2", fray and brush.
Cut a piece of wire coat hanger to 24" - 26" long. Attach one end of the wire to the 9" ring between SK from the last row and the other end of the wire to the opposite side of the basket. There will be 9 SK on each half of the basket. Fold the 5-1/2 yard cord in half. Hold the middle of the cord behind the wire handle where it was attached to the basket. Tie a DHH with each end over the 9" ring, trying to cover the wire end of the handle.
Using the two long ends as tying cords and the wire handle as a filler, tie Half Knots (HK) around the wire until you reach the other end. DHH the ends over the 9" ring and the wire, again trying to cover up where you attached the handle to the basket. Cut these ends to 1-1/2" and brush. Place the cardboard circle in the bottom of basket and fill with Easter "grass".

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