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Monday, August 11, 2008

Envelope Sachets

1. Use our heart or butterfly templates, or make your own pattern. Graph paper is good for creating a grid design (such as the one shown at top left). Working on a cutting mat or piece of felt, lay your template over an envelope.
2. With a thick pin, punch holes through the template and envelope until the dotted design is complete.
3. Fill the envelope with blends of scented ingredients. We like the following combinations: cedar tips, cedar shavings, and lavender; orange tea and dried roses; and lemon verbena, chamomile and dried lemon peel. (Vary the amount depending on the envelope size; we used 1 tablespoon in the gift-card envelope.)
4. With a glue stick, seal the envelope.
5. Poke whimsical designs in your paper envelopes, then add your choice of aromatic blends.

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