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Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Handmade Gifts 2

French traditionally present new babies with these gracefully shaped paper cones filled with blue or pink almond candies. We think they make great seasonal favors.

Candy Cone How-To

1. Trace a cone shape onto heavy card stock, double-strength wrapping paper, or scraps of patterned wallpaper. With a bone folder, score paper on fold lines, then fold into shape. Decorate each cone with store-bought trim or lacy motifs from paper doilies.

2. Close along one side with white craft glue. Fill with candy, make two holes in each wide flap of the lid, and close with fancy cord or ribbon. Keep cones on a silver tray near the door, and give them to your guests throughout the holidays.

Note : Sorry, this articles didn't provide the template but u can get the nearly same template from this site; This is a rather interesting gift that i can make to fill in the sweets or chocolates as the wedding gifts for the children.

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