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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flower Quilling

Flower Fringed Blossom

Tools and Materials
Slotted or needle quilling tool
White craft glue
Sharp scissors
Straight pins
Quilling board (or 9-by-12-inch corrugated cardboard with waxed paper wrapped around it)
Quilling paper in a variety of colors
Cloth-covered floral wire
Pretty Fringed Blossom Template 1
Pretty Fringed Blossom Template 2
Pretty Fringed Blossom Template 3
Pretty Fringed Blossom Template 4
Basket Template

Quilling How-To
If this is your first time quilling, you may also want to download these basic quilling instructions.
Quilling Instructions Part 1
Quilling Instructions Part 2

Special thanks to Sandy Watson for demonstrating quilling. All tools and materials are available on, where you can also purchase the complete quilling kit that was given to our studio audience.

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