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Monday, June 9, 2008

More Cards

Add a new dimension to gift wrap and cards with these floral cutouts. Download the template and cut it out. Using a pencil, trace the template onto the desired surface. Carefully cut along traced lines with a craft knife, leaving gaps between petals. For gifts, wrap item with paper in a contrasting color before covering with cutout layer. For cards, attach a cutout card to a second card in a contrasting color using double-sided tape.
Download the template at

Paper Heart Wrappings

Opening a mysterious gift packet is even more thrilling when the wrapping itself turns out to be a beautiful valentine. Start by selecting decorative papers; origami paper is best because it folds neatly and easily. Other papers can be used, as long as they aren't too heavy or stiff to fold crisply. Also consider double-sided papers, since both sides will be visible.
Tools and Materials
Decorative paper
Bone folder (optional)
RulerRibbon (optional)

Paper Hearts How-To

1. Print out template; if necessary, enlarge it on a photocopier so that the square in the center is large enough to fit whatever you want to tuck inside (these envelopes work best for flat objects). Trace the outline of the template onto decorative paper with a pencil, and cut just inside the pencil outlines to avoid having to erase them later.

2. Lay the template over the cutout heart, and make creases along the four lines by lightly folding the paper. Smooth creases with a bone folder or your finger; a ruler will help achieve a perfect line. Remove the template.

3. Fold in each side of the heart, then fold down the top, smoothing each crease with the bone folder or your finger. Slip the point of the heart into the open top, making sure that it fits snugly before completing the fold. If you want to seal the packet with a bow, make slits wide enough to accommodate a piece of narrow ribbon in the top and bottom creases of the square. Multiple hearts can be nested, as long as each fits within the center square of another when folded.

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